Hurray, its June😊

Sadly my life is not yet back to normal because of this pandemic but i am still glad i have reached this far.

I used to tell myself “if they dare extend this lockdown, am going to just die”

And here i am , still alive , still smiling.

I just realised that instead of focusing on what i don’t want and what am tired of, i should focus on the good that is happening already. May wasn’t a bad month, i experienced growth and joy, sadness too but the good days were more than the bad days.

Despite being stuck at home, i have made plans of what I’d like to do in June

Just a reminder to God.

My relationship with my mother isn’t the best at the moment, my unconditional love remains though , and am sure , so does hers.

But sometimes parents can be toxic, they break our hearts and make us emotionally unstable.

But no one is ready for that conversation , not even me.

Because its hard to even think that the human being that loves you the most could hurt you.

But then again, she is only human, just like me.

Am also seeing a very amazing guy, he’s so perfectly imperfect , so compatible with me, so sweet, am even afraid to show him to the world because i still can’t believe he exists.

Anyway i spend most of my days listening to music and watching series.

I have been making plans to workout and backing of out every now and again, but i realised , till when will i not mean it , yet i need it, so i decided to tirelessly and emotionally involve myself in my workout lately , i have worked out for a couple of days consecutively.

I feel good, i feel light, my skin is glowing, am happier, my thoughts are clear, its just a really good decision i made and so help me God , i keep it up.

Journaling has been my everyday thing, i wrote every single day for the past one month. It is really therapeutic and helps monitor growth in every way.

I used to podcast regularly but i took a step back , am lacking inspiration and then again i don’t want to share about myself anymore, at least not this chapter i am going through. I feel like its serious and full of so many discoveries that I’d love to uncover all that on my own. Something like growth through this.

At some point i even felt like i should dissolve the podcast , but am going to hold on to that for now .

So anyway since June is here, am happy to take each day one at a time and uncover the beauty in each and every one of those.

So help me God.

Published by Nanyingi

Feelings, heartbreak lives here, reality lives here, good things live in me, always too much for anybody, adventure awaits, love awaits, not perfect, just want to share, the things that keep me awake all night, all day, i need love, but isn't that what we all need,have a good time😊

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